WarwickTECH presents  to you MLH 2017 Spring Season's WarwickHACK 2017 – our 3rd annual flagship hackathon! 

WarwickHACK is Warwick's official hackathon, hosted in part with Major League Hacking's 2017 Official Student Hackathon Season.

WarwickHACK 2017 is a great opportunity to see how in 24 hours ambition and passion added with a pinch of creativity can disrupt the world we live in.

(Food, snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the event for FREE!)

So pack your chargers and sleeping bags and prepare yourself for coding frenzy!

Saturday 25th


10am - Registration Opens

11am - Opening Ceremony

12pm - Hacking Begins!

1.30pm - Lunch

3pm - Python Workshop

4pm - Esri Workshop

5pm - Git Workshop

7pm - Dinner

9pm - !Light by MLH

11pm - Slideshow Karaoke


Sunday 26th


12am - Midnight Snack

7am - Breakfast

12pm - Hacking Stops!

12.15pm - Lunch

1.30pm - Closing Ceremony

3pm - Farewell & Group Photo


18+ Years

Students only

Up to 4 participants per team


Your submissions will be judged based on what you submit here on Devpost as well as your pitch.

We encourage you to present with a demo if possible to win extra love!



Hackathon Sponsors


£148 in prizes


WiPy 2.0 + Expansion boards

Creative Concept Award

Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

Disruptive Award

Arduino Uno

Best Newbie

Canned Dragon Meat

Error 404

Power bank (By Black Pepper Software)

Esri UK API Prize!

Esri are offering £140 in amazon vouchers for the team that best use their API!


Use it in any way shape or form.

Bloomberg Prize!

Bloomberg are offering a bundle of prizes for a team that creates a project most aligned to their mission.

Black Pepper Software Prize! (2)

Black Pepper Software are offering battery packs for those who demonstrate passion in developing their projects.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ingu Kang

Ingu Kang
Trustful little minion / WarwickTECH

Artur Safaryan

Artur Safaryan
Bigger Boss / WarwickTECH

Duncan MacMillan

Duncan MacMillan
Big Boss / WarwickTECH

Judging Criteria

  • Pitch and submission
    Your entry will be judged based on your pitch and submission on Devpost. There are 5 categories of awards, and two extra prizes up for grabs.
  • 1. MVP
    Overall best pitched & developed project.
  • 2. Creative Concept Award
    Showed outstanding creativity in concept and user experience.
  • 3. Disruptive Award
    Demonstrated technical prowess and potential for disrupting an industry.
  • 4. Error 404
    Team demonstrated persistence to keep building despite facing issues along the way.
  • 5. New Kids in Town Award
    For the team with no hackathon experience who demonstrated the most enthusiasm to build and learn.
  • Esri UK API Prize
    For the team that best uses Esri UK's API: https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/
  • Esri UK Random Draw
    For a randomly selected person that signs up to a (free) account: https://developers.arcgis.com/sign-up/ Forward your confirmation email to smcgee@esriuk.com

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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